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Good Stuff at Goodman, 2021

This summer we had the honor of working with Terrence Adeyanju who was one of the many passionate artists who left their mark on State Street in response to the George Floyd murder. He brought his talent and kind disposition to Goodman a person himself affected by incarceration. He led the kids in a discussion about feelings and then shared his own experiences with incarceration--himself heading down that path but until he found art as his salvation, and his brothers who only recently were released after serving too many years in prison beginning as teens. Then he motivated the group to draw from their heart, gave them permission to feel and transformed those images onto a silk screen frame, hauled in a 4 color press and had each child silk screen onto their own t-shirt a complication of his work and all the images the kids produced that first day. While Terrence worked inside, the kids took turns spray painting a thank you onto a shirt they made in memory of the experience.


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