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Lake View Elementary, our smallest group but the sweetest little artists, 2023

This program took off and became fundable in 2018 when the Lake View Elementary staff invited us in to work with nearly 20 kids they identified as being impacted by incarceration. The program blossomed but Covid nipped it in the bud. Or tried to. We continued to reach a handful of kids through Zoom and hung tight to those kids who are now in middle school and attend at the MyArts site. But this year Lake View brought us back to work with a handful of learners who created with tenacity and smiles, even at clean up. Our artist in residence, Mariah, ran this group for the most part. We took their work to

the Lake View Public Library gallery in April. Here's how awesome kids are, all of the still lifes you see in this post were painted from the exact same subject: a clear glass vase with yellow tulips.


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