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UW School of Journalism collaboration 2023

This was the year of vibrant collaborations. UW J School Professor Sue Robinson reached out to place 5 of her students attending a community-building course into our weekly session at the Madison Youth Arts Center. Over 9 weeks, these graduating seniors led weekly sessions helping the kids create a personalized "zine," and other fun projects that always ended in a game of "red light green light." It was surprising to see middle schoolers still thrilled at the red light green light challenge. The sessions ended with a trip to the UW Journalism school and tours of PBS and the UW radio station, USUM. This was among the best field trips we've taken thus far. One of our youth got to sit at the Here and Now desk and read from Frederika Freyberg's teleprompter. Some of our kids may be returning to USUM to get workshoped in DJ'ing.


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